Why We Are Here

The Work Vault

Bringing Students & Business Together.

We are here to provide a service to students, our sole objective is to make students more employable by the time they graduate.

We built The Work Vault to bring students and businesses together allowing students to gain real world experience and earn while they study. We also believe we are giving businesses access to some of the top talent and most up to date suppliers for a fraction of the cost.

While we do take a fee for this service it is solely for the upkeep, maintenance and management of the platform. We always endeavour to keep fees low and reasonable. We will always be transparent about it.


The idea for The Work Vault came from the constant reminder that while students were becoming more and more educated finding work in their field of study was increasingly hard.

Each generation had a harder time perusing a career in their chosen field even though their education and industry training was the most up to date employers were looking for more.

One thing that was repeatably requested was experience, and while universities were quick to try and resolve the issue with work placement study, this hasn’t remedied the issue. With many companies wanting years of experience for a starter position.

We believe we are giving students the ability to leave university with a diverse CV and a portfolio they can use to step into full time employment.


We also know that the world is changing and at the time of writing this 34% of employees work remotely and that number is set to increase.

We are in the time of “the gig economy” so if full time employment isn’t your thing we are here to help you get started, and perhaps even start your own business (that’s how our founder started so we know its more than achievable).

We are here to help. If you just want some regular work while you study we are here. If you want to build the most amazing CV we are here. If you want to create an empire with a list of clients we are here for you.


We are here for the students but we are here for businesses too. We didn’t create this platform just for them. We also spotted a gap in the market to provide some of the highest skilled individuals to companies at competitive rates.

Business is a funny thing, and sometimes you need help but you’re not ready to take on full time staff. We make hiring staff for a short project as easy as A, B, C.

A) Create a brief for your project
B) Receive proposals from our database of students
C) Hire the perfect candidate

You can find out more from our HOW IT WORKS page.

The concept is simple, you hire the student for the project and that’s it. The price is agreed before hand so you know it is within your budget and you hand pick the most suitable candidate.