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Posted on 4th December 2018


Project Desciption

Hi all,

We are looking to get a new logo designed. We were about 10 minutes away from passing the job onto our graphic designer when we thought “why not use the site we believe in so much”. So here we are. We are wanting a revamp on our current The Work Vault logo.

The current logo was designed as a stand in, and was never meant to go live on the site, but budgets and time constraints being what they are, we have somehow gone live with the abomination you can see dotted around this site.

The logo needs to be scale-able for print without pixalation and suitable for use online. We can provide more branding details when the final applicant is accepted. For now base your quote on one logo and a spin off logo used for smaller requirement (favicon etc). When you start your brief please start with “TWV” so we know the brief has been read fully. We have attached the current logo and spin off logo as examples, but we are happy for out of the box thinking on this one.

Good luck!


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